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David Berg-Johnsen


Meet David, a full-time licensed REALTOR® and valued member of the CPI Commercial Luxury Group. Originally hailing from Connecticut, David has ventured far and wide, but his heart now belongs to Colorado Springs.

Exemplifying a perfect blend of professionalism, honesty, drive, and integrity, David approaches every task with a determined, go-getter attitude. In today's ever-evolving market, he is well-equipped to provide unparalleled value and service to his clients.

When he's not busy with real estate ventures, David finds joy in the company of his loved ones and exploring local music events. He has an eye for artistry and captures life's moments through his photography and videography skills.

David's passion for his community led him to create TheSprings.Guide, a platform that not only showcases the beauty of Colorado Springs but also promotes local businesses and entrepreneurs, supporting the growth and prosperity of the region.


His journey to real estate was paved with diverse experiences, including expertise in marketing, graphic design, and media production, all honed during his time at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Additionally, David brings a wealth of knowledge from working in over 20 different states for the world's largest market research company.


With his innate salesmanship, David knows how to highlight the unique features of your property, ensuring it stands out from the crowd and commands the highest possible market value. If you're looking for someone who is not only skilled but also deeply passionate about helping you achieve your real estate goals, David Berg-Johnsen is the professional you can trust.

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David Berg-Johnsen, CPI Commercial Luxury Group
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