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Hope Rises in 2024: 2023 Ends with Mortgage Rate Dip

Hope Rises in 2024: 2023 Ends with Mortgage Rate Dip
Is now the time to put your property back on the market?

As we wrap up 2023 and look towards 2024, recent developments in the mortgage industry paint an optimistic picture for both home sellers and buyers. In December 2023, mortgage rates experienced a significant dip, dropping to their lowest since June. This decline reflects a positive trend, as rates have been on a gradual and unsteady descent since peaking in October, a shift influenced by cooling inflation rates.

For home sellers, especially those whose properties were off the market or expired in 2023 when rates were as high as 8%, this presents an ideal moment. The Federal Reserve's recent announcement of potential rate cuts in 2024 only strengthens this opportunity. Now is the time to consider prepping homes for sale to capitalize on these evolving market conditions.

Freddie Mac Mortgage Rate Chart Past 12 Months
Source: Freddie Mac

On the buyer's side, the current scenario still offers a chance for negotiating seller concessions to buy down rates. However, this window may narrow as we move into 2024. With the expectation of an influx of homes hitting the market in early 2024, coupled with lower rates than seen in the latter half of 2023, the market dynamics could shift. This anticipated change suggests increased competition, where sellers might be less inclined to offer concessions.

This evolving landscape indicates a pivotal moment for both sellers and buyers to make strategic decisions. For sellers, the lowered mortgage rates and forthcoming rate cuts signal a potential increase in buyer interest, making it a prime time to list homes. Buyers, while still able to negotiate favorable terms now, should be cognizant of the potential for heightened competition and fewer concessions as we progress into 2024. The market's current state offers unique opportunities, but as always in real estate, timing is crucial.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article, "Hope Rises in 2024: 2023 Ends with Mortgage Rate Dip," is for general informational purposes only. The opinions expressed herein are based on available data and industry trends as of the publication date.



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